Monday, 6 June 2011

My Kleeneze Website Rocks!

OK, so that's a provocative statement - after all, it's "just" a corporate microsite, customised to my Kleeneze business details.

It's so much more than that.

All active distributors get one of these websites - nicely designed with clean pages, and all the relevant information is there in front of you:

You get a chance to look at our introduction to the Kleeneze business opportunity video:

You can browse our catalogues.

You can visit our shop:

But it's what we distributors can do behind the scenes that makes my Kleeneze website rock. We have contact management tools for both customers and prospective team members. We can personalise our introduction text. We can decide where we want to build our Kleeneze retail business - anything from a 5 mile radius:

to a 40 mile radius!:

The tools provided for us by Kleeneze just keep getting better! When I was in a previous network marketing business, I had to pay £40 per month for this sort of website. Kleeneze provide this service at a fraction of that price - just one more reason to join our team!