Thursday, 16 June 2011

Change Your Focus - Change Your Life

Isn't it amazing how a change in focus can trigger all sorts of changes to your personality and your lifestyle?

Yesterday, I collected a grand total of 93 of the 108 catalogues I'd put out on Monday. All these catalogues went out to people who had either ordered or looked at my Kleeneze catalogues before, so I knew they would be welcome.

Despite the usual 5% of catalogues that weren't looked at this time, plus having to gingerly remove a set of catalogues from a bag that looked as though it had been targeted by an incontinent duck, I got 17 orders, totalling just over £250.00. That's an average of £2.69 per collected catalogue, or an average order value of £14.71. Not bad for 3 hours work.

Today, I got head-hunted by a recruitment agency, wanting to put me forward for a job in Coventry. Normally I don't bother to answer agency calls; they're typically the ones that don't display a number or display a generic 0844 code. But this one displayed a Stratford number - so I answered it. Why?

Because I thought it might be somebody interested in building their own Kleeneze business!

I am truly focussed on making my Kleeneze business work. The reason I've survived everything life has thrown at me is - I never quit. I may limit myself in some areas so that I can take care of other priorities first, but I never, ever quit.

I am going to succeed with my Kleeneze business. My mind is focussed on it. I wouldn't call myself the Kleeneze Lady if I wasn't in it for the long haul. See you at the top!