Thursday, 30 June 2011

Kleeneze Works - Newspaper Features Mike, 71

Mike Harle (pic: Daniel Gilfeather)
© Daniel Gilfeather
 This smiling gent is Mike Harle, 71, who became a Kleeneze distributor after using his savings in retirement to eke out his pension.

You can read the full story in the Mirror. He invested £156 in 200 catalogues and made £800 sales in his first 3 weeks, netting £280 income and a fast-start bonus.

That's not unusual for Kleeneze distributors. I'm still disorganised, still juggling family, work and a Kleeneze business, yet in the past 3 weeks I've made £832 of sales. Just by putting out catalogues, collecting them in again and delivering the goods when they arrive.

I'm on target for my 13% Volume bonus - my goal is to reach 13% by the end of Period 8. After watching the videos of the Kleeneze Live training in Falkirk, I'm determined to get more organised, so I can start building my team on solid foundations. Unfortunately, I won't be attending the Kleeneze conference in September and I'm gutted. I'm on holiday with my fiancé and two of my sons and the last week in August is the only week that all 4 of us had free. We travel back from South Devon on the day of the conference.

Still, as my mum used to say, "There are some things you want to do, then there are the things that you have to do." I see little enough of my fiancé as it is due to his international contracting, whilst my 17 year old is now living with his dad and neither my youngest son nor I see enough of him any more. There will be other Kleeneze conferences, and I will be at them with my team.