Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Out from Under

(c) Microsoft

2013 was the Year of the Snake. For me and mine, it was more the Year of the Emotional Rollercoaster.

I was dragged back into the world of 9 to 5 at the end of 2012, which in my career is more like the world of 7 to midnight. In the first 12 months, I had barely enough time outside work to take care of my mum's trips to hospital and my family.

My mum's health still seesaws between OK and the threat of emergency dialysis - her latest diagnosis is that she has diabetes, to add to the kidney failure, renal cardiovascular disease, etc. We're convinced we could use her as a maraca in a mariachi band. We still soldier on, one day at a time; I'm in awe of her resilience.

The household went from a family unit of 3 to a family unit of 5 adults, which is seriously overcrowded in a small 3 bedroomed semi. Mind you, I was delighted to have both elder lads back, although I'm now looking for an elastic walled house.... or a Tardis....

But the ultimate low was the loss of my partner's beloved daughter; we are still mourning and her father will never be the same again.

It goes without saying that there's been a lack of time and energy to spend on my Kleeneze business.

Until now.

I'm back - we're on track for making the 10% bonus this month, the first month of rebuilding my business.

I promised myself I wouldn't blog until that happened. Next stop, building a team, starting with 10 active distributors.

If anybody fancies an all-expenses paid holiday this autumn, get in touch. I intend to be on it and I want as many of my team to be on it as possible.