Wednesday, 8 June 2011

How Do You Drive Your Business?

Stick shift or automatic transmission?

Are you running your business on automatic pilot, or are you in control of where you're going and what your business is doing?

I've just regained control, after months where I let my Life! The Soap Opera moments take over, and I've had one of my better weeks of retail orders because I changed my viewpoint.

There are two reasons for the change. Firstly, a CD set by Darren Hardy, a man who is becoming more and more of a mentor with every replay of his audio and reread of his books - Making The Shift. A brilliant compilation of timely advice; I can't recommend it highly enough.

Secondly, I took control of my overactive flight v. fight response and got myself a self-hypnosis CD - Develop Your Self Confidence (Diviniti). Fear is a natural part of our lives, and our reactions can support our growth as well as safeguard us, but in my case, my reaction to any stress stimuli got out of control. This is due to a rather nasty relationship that ended 19 years ago. Unfortunately, I'd been programmed by then. Death threats can do that to you. So can the uncertainty of not being able to trust those closest to you.

I'm delighted to say that I can feel the difference to my self-confidence already, after only 9 days. I'm slightly calmer, a little more open and I'm feeling a lot stronger within myself. I feel able to stand up for myself where before, I would have either over-asserted myself or morphed into a human doormat. I'm sure there's a lot more self-healing to do, but I can see a way forward for the first time.

I have an inner certainty about myself and my Kleeneze business that was lacking before. That can only be good for both me and my team.

Thanks to Gavin for seeing the "more in me than I can see". I won't let you down.