Monday, 24 January 2011

Rejected Catalogue Bags £33 Order

Yesterday, I blanket dropped my old catalogues one last time into a new area. It's a typical old-fashioned council estate, derogatively referred to as "Tin City" by residents who live in much nicer parts of my town. It's also the sort of area where you spend a lot of time getting your straggler catalogues back.

Whilst putting out around 230 catalogues, I had a couple of people hand them straight back, but no mention of an existing distributor. One passer-by asked if we'd deliver in their road soon - no surprises as to what my answer was. I also came across several catalogues that had been put out on the doorstep as soon as they'd been picked up off the doormat.

All told, my rejected catalogues allowed me to add a little close of 6 houses to my blanket drop and I am so glad they did.

This morning, a new customer phoned me, placed an order for £33 as she wasn't going to be around when I was due to collect the catalogues, and wanted to know if she could keep a permanent copy as a reference for future orders! She'll be getting a pack of the new catalogues with her order this weekend.

It just goes to show that it's worth doing a quick walk along your route immediately after you've done a blanket drop in an area - that 15 minutes extra earnt me £132 per hour pro rata, just by putting out the rejected catalogues straight away.

Every day that I spend retailing with Kleeneze, I am building up a group of dedicated customers who will, in time, refer their family and friends to me. Today, I added another customer to that group and I'm delighted.