Sunday, 9 January 2011

Have a Kleeneze New Year!

Yesterday's Kleeneze New Year Conference was packed full of surprises, emotion and humour and proved conclusively to me that I made the right decision when I joined.

I was honoured to be given a chance to sit at Gavin Scott's VIP table with my upline, Amanda Battye and Dave Reeves. What a way to ensure that I double my efforts on retail and sponsoring, so that I can be entitled to sit in the VIP area in my own right.

There were so many highlights it's difficult to just list a few of my favourite moments.

Administration highlights - The rebranding of the starter kits, the simplification of the signup process, the news about the development of our individual online presences with DSA compliant basic contact pages (you can see mine at, the future of online ordering via a distributor's mykleeneze website. And of course, the new Break Free promotion.

Team highlights - Gavin's new book, Follow Up Your Way to Fortune: New Ways to Make Your Business 'click' Using New Technology for Freewas launched. I read it last night and enjoyed every page - any author that uses the acronym K.I.S.S gets my vote immediately! It's available in my Amazon store. If you're in Kleeneze and you haven't got this book, you are damaging your chances of online success. Buy it, and give yourself the leading edge. Building your own brand is so important today and Gavin's book will help you succeed.

Gavin was also recognised for achieving a key Kleeneze target of having 10 (or more!) active distributors in his immediate downline. Known as the 10 wide achievement, it's one of my goals to get that recognition myself.

Kleeneze distributor highlights - the excitement and emotion from the teams of those who won trophies and achieved recognition was so palpable, it was almost a physical presence at times. Well done to all of you; you've inspired me to work harder and smarter at my Kleeneze business.

Speaker highlights - too many to list, all the Kleeneze speakers were excellent. The day started brilliantly with Gavin's talk and ended with two extremely humorous sections which helped push home the speakers' messages. You really have to be there in September. The guest speakers were wonderful, with Richard Berry (ex-managing director of Kleeneze) showing us how the future of Kleeneze has always been about embracing change. The authors of Go For No and Mastering Go For No!, Richard Fenton and Andrea Waltz, were excellent and very good at getting the audience to join in and respond.

Here's to a happy and prosperous Kleeneze New Year