Monday, 17 January 2011

The 3 Rs of Kleeneze - Update

Last night, I collected in 80% of the catalogues I'd placed in two 'new' (to me) streets and got my usual £1 per catalogue order value. I know that another distributor has customers on one of the roads, as two of their regulars told me so.

Just proof that Kleeneze retail works, wherever you are. Yet again, I qualify for my bonus with 3 weeks of effort. Next target - get my 13% volume bonus on personal sales.

All I need now is to organise my life a little better so I have more time to call my prospects. There are times I'd like to pack in the day job - it's clear that I could put out enough catalogues to generate sufficient retail profits to match my regular salary - but I want to prove that anybody can do well in their spare time with Kleeneze.

When my Kleeneze income has matched my regular income for 13 four-week periods in a row, then I will hand in my notice. Until then, I'll work on my personal development to be better organised and learn to manage what time I have more effectively. Leaders set personal examples to their team; if I want my team to duplicate successful patterns of behaviour, I have to demonstrate those patterns in my own business.