Thursday, 20 January 2011

The Break Free Route to Retail Success

Kleeneze has an excellent business model with established Business Builder variants that give new distributors rapid proof that we can build a strong customer base quickly and simply. There's plenty of resources available for new distributors, starting with the business manuals and the High Performance Retail Habits and Growing Your Business DVDs that come with the Kleeneze Business Builder kits. Sponsors also support their team with simple systems based on their own experiences, offering guidance, tracking sheets, etc. as appropriate.

The new Break Free option should be approached a little differently, in my opinion.

As you can see from the picture below, the Break Free kit is an opportunity for a new distributor to ensure that the Kleeneze business suits their needs and working style. It is not meant to be a substitute for starting as a Business Builder, although enthusiastic Break Free distributors can match or even excel the turnover of someone starting with a full Kleeneze business kit within their first few weeks.

The Break Free Kit contains all the basics a new distributor needs to get themselves up and running, including 5 sets of catalogues, catalogue bags, order forms, the HPRH DVD, and the starter guides and business manuals. A new Break Free distributor will start with a moderate credit limit.

If the first order placed by a Break Free distributor is £75/€90 or above, Kleeneze HQ will send them another 5 FREE catalogues.

Break Free Fast Start Bonus - Achieve £150/€180 in the first 21 days of sign-up and you’ll qualify for a further set of 25 Catalogues. Once a Break Free distributor has completed £150/€180 in retail sales (regardless on the length of time it takes them) and paid for the goods, they’ll have their credit limit increased and be given an EzeReach account and website.

So how do you achieve retail success with only 5 catalogues?

Simple. Follow this 10 step plan:
  1. Go through each of the catalogues in turn. For every item, think of somebody you know who might benefit from using the product. This will allow you to recommend with confidence, even though you may not have personal experience of a particular item. If in doubt, talk to your sponsor and ask what products they recommend. I've had great retail results with the Antiquax lavender polish, the vacuum deodorisers, the tea/coffee stain remover, adjustable oven shelves, colour changing cooker hood filters and the Oven Mate, for example.
  2. Write down the names, addresses and phone numbers of everybody you can think of in these four categories - Friends and family, Recreational activities, Occupation (including previous jobs) and Groups (e.g. Neighbourhood Watch, faith-based, charities, etc.). Make sure you have a list of at least 5 in each category. FROGs help you leap to success.
  3. Contact each person in turn. Say something like, "I've just started up as a Kleeneze distributor - you may have seen the adverts on TV. Would you like to take a look at the catalogues?" If they say no, that is no reflection on you; they may change their mind in the future, especially when they see how successful you are. If they say yes, arrange to collect the catalogue at an appropriate time. Two days is usually about right, so if you hand out a catalogue on the Monday, arrange to collect it on Wednesday. Make a note of where you are leaving the catalogues. Take phone numbers where possible.
  4. Whether they take a catalogue or not, ask for referrals. Say something like, "Thank you. Do you know of anybody who might be interested in taking a look? I'm really keen to do well." Make a note of any referrals and who suggested them.
  5. Contact the referrals. Say something like, "Mike mentioned you would be interested in looking at the latest Kleeneze catalogues. I'm one of the local distributors; when would be a good time to drop them off?" If they say no, ask for referrals.
  6. Collect the catalogues in, checking for orders before you leave. Make sure the name and address of the customer are on the order form - it's very difficult to find them afterwards, otherwise. If you have the phone number, call first to remind the person to leave the catalogue out or have it ready to hand back.
  7. Contact your sponsor and ask them to guide you as you place your first order, if necessary. Try to place an order for at least £75 as this helps maximise your profits. If that means you put catalogues out several times before you have enough orders, that's OK.
  8. Let your customers know when their orders will be delivered. As a rough guide, if you order goods before 13:15 on Wednesday, you should receive a delivery on Friday. You need to make sure somebody is available to sign for your first delivery.
  9. Deliver the goods to your customers, collect the money and then pay it in to the Kleeneze HQ account using one of the banking slips supplied. Keep your retail profit.
  10. Repeat from step 1.
Remember, it's up to you to take responsibility for your own success. Your sponsor can coach, mentor and advise, but they cannot build your customer base for you.

Interested in learning more about the Kleeneze business options? Contact me via my website to ask for more details or to join my team - I'll support you every step of the way.