Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Reflect, Revise, Refocus - The 3 Rs of Kleeneze

Last night was not a good night, orders-wise. My normal per-catalogue order value is around £1; in other words, if I collect 184 catalogues in, I usually get between £180 and £200 of orders.

Last night, my per-catalogue order value was £0.10. That's right. 10p. I got a grand total of £11 of orders, despite collecting in over 100 catalogues in just over an hour.

So what happened?

As I've said before, I'm currently competing with several full-time distributors who cover my local area. The books I put out over the weekend appear to have clashed with a blanket drop from one of them. It's quite possible I will get a low volume of orders tonight as well.

By now, you won't be surprised to find that I'm not in the least bit disheartened by this.

I now have the opportunity to practice the 3 Rs of Kleeneze Retail.


Is what I'm doing effective? Could I be doing it better, or differently? What are my options?

Yes, what I am doing is effective.The two orders I got were from customers that were new last time, so I can deduce that they were sufficiently satisfied with my service to order from me again. I have a number of options to avoid clashing with another distributor's delivery timetable, including noting these clashes and delivering the next set of catalogues when I deliver my orders to this area.


What do I need to change to improve my results? How will I implement the changes? Over what timescale?

I need to determine areas which are not currently served by a Kleeneze distributor. I already have some success here; I can widen my delivery area until I discover sufficient regular customers to satisfy my retail targets. I will target a new set of roads with my next delivery of catalogues. I can also rejig my delivery schedule so that I target a new street every week as part of my regular routine. I will monitor and track results for this activity for the next 90 days.


Why am I doing this? What are my goals? What are my targets?

I'm a Kleeneze distributor because it gives me the opportunity to be financially secure both now and for the rest of my life. I have both short-term and long-term personal and professional goals, from new cars to becoming a Premier distributor in 5 years time. My targets include moving up the volume bonus levels through my own personal sales, growing a team of active distributors who are retailing £1000 per 4 week period and achieving 1000 regular customers.

That's all it takes. If you use the 3 Rs, you get out of the pity-me mindset and into the mastery mindset. I know which one I'm more comfortable with.

If you want a better life, let alone a better lifestyle, let me know. I'll support and coach you every step of the way.