Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Personal Development Works - In Every Area of Your Life

Since I started with Kleeneze, I've read a lot of books, including Don Failla's 45 Second Presentation, Jeff Olson's Slight Edge, Dani Johnson's Script Book and Gavin Scott's Follow Up Your Way to Fortune.

I read these books to develop my skills and my self-confidence, so that I can be a more effective retailer and team leader.

It turns out that the improvement in self-confidence has had a remarkable effect - I've applied for a team leader's position in my day job!

So why on earth have I done that, when I want to quit the rat race, work from home and become a Kleeneze Premier distributor in 5 years time?

It's quite simple - if I get the job, I will be practising team leading skills all the time, which will help both my day job and my Kleeneze career. If I don't get the job, I've still done something outside my immediate comfort zone in applying, so I'm already benefiting from stretching myself psychologically. That, in turn, will have a good effect the next time I have to do something I'm wary of doing.

I'm currently reading three of Malcolm Gladwell's books, Outliers, Blink and The Tipping Point, as well as re-reading Go For No. I can't wait to see what other improvements I can make to my outlook and focus.