Thursday, 3 February 2011

Reinvesting in Your Retail Business

During the past two weeks, I've been expanding my Kleeneze business into a new area - an area which doesn't seem to be overpopulated with Kleeneze distributors.

That means I'm training my new customers to trust me and leave my catalogues out when I say I'll call for them. It also means I'm learning which houses/maisonettes to avoid.

That learning experience has a cost, both in time and replacement catalogues. It's taking twice as long to collect my catalogues and twice as many visits to actually get 95% of those catalogues back.

I happen to think that's worth it.

It does mean, however, that I need to invest more of my retail profits into replacement catalogues, to make sure I keep up the average number of catalogues out at any one time.

I also need to invest more time in accurately tracking where and when I collect and deliver catalogues, so that I can reduce my catalogue losses over time.

I know that this initial investment will pay back a hundredfold, as I increase my customer base and reduce the number of catalogues I deliver to those who have no interest in home shopping. Plus, I get to improve my retail skills to the point where I can claim not to be an apprentice anymore.

I'm convinced that, on retail profits alone, I can replace my regular income with Kleeneze. The evidence is there - all it takes is a solid customer base. That's why I reinvest my retail profits in my business and save my bonus payments to fund a better lifestyle.