Sunday, 27 March 2011

Not Interested? Help Us to Help You!

I was tidying up my business paperwork this evening when I came across my collection of rejection notes.These are the notes that people leave with the catalogues to let me know not to leave another set the next time around. They can range from the terse to the downright loquacious, encompassing rudeness and sweet politeness along the way.

Since I started my Kleeneze business, I've received notes scrawled on my day slips, my order forms, and in one case, on every single catalogue cover (front and back).

In all but a few cases, though, there is one common denominator. Nobody puts their address on the slips. That's great when the catalogues are collected in daylight, but when they are collected at night, as is usually the case, it can be difficult to read notes that are written in coloured ink, or pencil. Needless to say, not being Superman, it's also pretty difficult to read the notes tucked inside the collection of catalogues.

So, every so often, we miss recording where the "do not bother" note came from. This then irritates the resident when I deliver the next set of catalogues, and irritates me when I don't get the catalogues back because the resident has decided I'm not paying attention and throws my catalogues away to teach me a lesson.

Please, if you're not interested, add an address to the "no more" message. It helps us to help you.