Tuesday, 8 March 2011

How to Track your 90 Day Plan

You cannot be successful in anything if you do not know how you are doing. If you were dieting and did not measure your inch and weight loss each week, how would you know if you were reaching your targets?

So why do so few track their own business performance?

Yes, it takes discipline and effort. It takes persistent action. It takes commitment. But the rewards are worth it.

Start simple.

In the case of a catalogue-based business, such as Kleeneze, or Avon, that would mean daily retail tracking of catalogues out, catalogues collected, number of orders received, value of orders.

For all network marketing businesses, daily recruitment/sponsoring tracking would include lead generation type (adverts, online adverts, flyers, personal contact, warm market, etc.), how many of each lead generation method out, number of response, first contact calls, follow-up calls, number signed up.

How you monitor this tracking is up to you. Some use spreadsheets, some buy CRM suites, some use a notebook/filofax. The method of recording your tracking is not important. What matters is that you track your effort every day and review it every week.

When you review it, be honest with yourself. Did you do enough retail? Did you do enough recruitment effort? What can you do to improve this week? Reflect, Revise, Refocus.

Tonight, I collected in 167 catalogues out of the 198 I put out on Sunday. Those 167 catalogues generated 6 orders to a total of £70. That's not enough to support a growing business and I will be revising my strategy and activity accordingly. This is the last time I spend hours placing catalogues in an area already saturated with Kleeneze distributors, just to see if I can generate additional customers. Time to concentrate my efforts on a new area. I won't neglect my existing customers; but I will be smart about how I distribute my catalogues here from now on.