Friday, 25 March 2011

Losing Your Distributors

This week I lost a distributor. I looked at my latest Group Analysis statement and she wasn't there anymore. I don't know whether her weeks of inactivity have caused her to be moved to a corporate reporting limbo zone or whether she's actually handed her kit back.

As always, my first response was to try and contact her. She's difficult to contact at the best of times, tending not to answer her phone, calling back very late at night if she returns my calls at all. There has been no response to either phone or email. This is all the more frustrating because, even if she no longer wants to be a Kleeneze distributor, talking with her could help me help others in the future.

Realistically, there's little I can do. Motivating team members in this industry is nothing like motivating people in a corporate environment, where team leaders have a captive audience who have to turn up for work. All I can do is stay in touch, one-way though that communication may be, and move on to supporting and encouraging others.

What would you do when this happens?