Monday, 28 March 2011

Hurt by Budget Cuts? Don't Protest - Build!

On Saturday, around a quarter of a million people travelled from all over the country to protest in London about the cuts to public services needed to reduce our national debt.

Many of those, travelling from as far away as Cornwall, Edinburgh and Yorkshire, spent over a hundred pounds each on travel and food. A quick check of train and bus fares online will show just how expensive supporting a protest can be.

That money could have been spent on joining Kleeneze and taking the first steps to building a lasting business, one that would insulate them from whatever budget cuts are affecting them for years to come.

I'm not making a judgement on the necessity or speed of these cuts. Protesting does little to improve our future prospects - British governments don't have a great track record when it comes to listening to demonstrators. Given that fact, isn't it better to take advantage of a low-cost startup, such as the Kleeneze business opportunity, to finally begin to take control of your own future?