Sunday, 5 October 2014

Tipping the Work-Life Balance

I've never been good at this work-life balance thing. The current day job is without doubt the worst yet for taking over every spare scrap of my time, but there's no point switching jobs if I want to run my own business. I just need to work out how to claw back time for myself.

If time management is really about workload management, then my workload needs some serious managing.

My first week's review of my progress towards my three banner goals shows what a gap there currently is between plan and execution. Of 38 key activities, I only achieved 19. Next week has to be better.

That means I need to clear the day job tasks in 8 hours per day or less - not something this job lends itself to. Especially not on on-call weeks.

Time to focus on me. Because if I don't, I'll never achieve my dreams.