Thursday, 2 October 2014

Mything Link

I've always loved dragons. They were my favourite mythical beast as a kid, although I did fancy the idea of myself as a were-tiger once...

But I wasn't "allowed" to have that preference. My younger sister was quite clear on that - she and my mum were born in the year of the Dragon according to the Asian calendar, so that meant the two of them had one more thing to bond with. Maybe she meant for me to feel excluded, maybe she didn't. I took the easy way out and let her have her way.

Living a life of keeping the family peace can erode your self-worth, to the point where no amount of positive thinking can truly compensate.

Turns out, I'm just as strong-willed as my mum and sister. My superpower seems to be patience. That stands me in good stead now, as I slowly but surely carve out gaps in an overpacked schedule so that I can grow my business properly.

And you know what? I'm beginning to believe in my ability to soar.

Here's to dragonflight ... and weretigers!