Friday, 3 October 2014

Habits - the Lego™ Bricks of Success

When you live and love puns the way I do, finding a snappy title for a blog post can be a real pain.

Having thought of, and discarded, such gems as "You can Habit All" (trust me, that was one of the better ones), all I could think of was the well-know Lord of the Rings reference.*

...And then I trod on a certain toy and ...

Just like Lego bricks, habits start off small, piece together easily but take persistence to make into something worthwhile.

And just like Lego bricks, they can be flipping difficult to dismantle if you realise you've built the wrong thing. That can take a lot more effort than you put in at first.

One of my birthday decisions was to work through the Living Your Best Year Ever book, because it forces you to focus, set goals and keep a daily habit list which you then review every week.

It's already feeding in changes to my daily work pattern; I'm looking forward to my first 90 day review.

How are you feeding your habits?

*Tolkien is Hobbit-forming.