Tuesday, 10 May 2011

The Secret of The Kleeneze Gene

Despite my best efforts, I've yet to get onto one of Gavin Scott's conference calls, despite receiving the invite every period. This period was no exception - I made sure I was sitting ready to dial in when a family emergency blew up and I was off in full support mode again.

What was even more annoying was the fact that I missed Chris Mason-Paull talking about how to build your Kleeneze business - Chris is somebody I've never met, but I deeply respect him because of the effect he has on Kleeneze distributors I've talked to.

Thankfully, Gavin provided his downline with a link to a recording of the conference call, so I caught up with it today. I am so glad I spent my lunchbreak listening to it.

There were so many nuggets of information, including:
  • There's no limit on how high you can go with Kleeneze. 
  • You're allowed to do as much as you want - you're also allowed to do as little as you want.
  • There's a myth that you can only be successful in Kleeneze if you have the "Kleeneze gene" - if you've got a special talent that gets people to buy from you or sign up with you.
  • That's not the case - if you sit down next to somebody like Chris Mason-Paull or Gavin Scott and do the same things as them, you will get the same results as them. Success is not down to who you are, but what you do.
  • The three most important things are - get really excited, take consistent action and train as much as you can.
  • Everybody wants what Kleeneze offers. Everybody wants to retire early, to pay off their mortgage early, to grab that one chance to become wealthy.
  • What they often don't believe is that a Kleeneze business can do that for them. It can be seen as too simple. The catalogue does the selling for us; the more you put out, the more income you get.  Once you've learnt how to run your own business, all you need to do is teach others to do the same.
  • A successful Kleeneze business can give you financial freedom.
  • When you go out retailing and it's cold, wet and dark and you're soaked through, it's very difficult to relate that activity to what your business can ultimately bring you. You need to stay focused on the outcome.
  • There's a point in every learning cycle when you suddenly realise how little you know and how much you still need to learn. It's very easy to quit at that point; whether you do or not determines whether or not you will be successful.
  • Ask yourself this - why is it that whenever you hear reasons why somebody isn't successful, they never blame their own actions - they always blame external influences?
  • Let your dreams run wild - become a child again and dream without limitations. Set goals based on those dreams and work towards reaching those goals.
It was a brilliant half-hour and I've got a lot to think about. Which part inspires you the most?