Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Rising Petrol Prices? Kleeneze Can Help

I filled up my petrol tank on Monday and discovered that, even using the cheapest petrol I could find (133.9p per litre), it now costs me £82 for a full tank of petrol.

Makes the £10 a week I was getting from the girl I was giving a lift to seem paltry, really.

It's getting to the point where I need to consider my day job options. I can't afford a new car - I get 36 mpg with this one and can't do better unless I spend money I haven't got on a much more up-to-date model. I may have to find another job closer to home.

At this rate, anything I earn in retail profits from Kleeneze will be topping up the tank!

When I started work at the fashion retailer's Head Office in December 2009, petrol was 108.3p per litre, or £4.82 per gallon. By August 2010, it was 116.5p per litre, or almost £5.30 per gallon. In January 2011 it was 128.3p per litre - £5.83 per gallon. The latest figures, for April 2011 are horrific. At 135.8p per litre, we're now spending £6.17 per gallon of petrol.

It really doesn't matter what has caused these price increases; what matters is we're currently stuck with them.

That's where Kleeneze comes in. It's extremely simple to earn the cost of a tank of petrol every week - all it takes is consistent action and a little self-discipline. How much peace of mind would an extra £80 per week give you?