Tuesday, 13 November 2012

It's A Wonderful Life

It's amazing how little stress I feel right now. I've not had a "real job" for 12 days, I really need a decent week's sales to keep me on track for paying little essentials like the mortgage, utilities etc., and today I spent 2 hours turning around 250 catalogues which I will need to put out very early on Tuesday morning to have any chance of staying on track. I also spent 6.5 hours collecting in 131 catalogues in the sort of persistent rain that only England seems to get - that gentle rain that gets into every corner of your waterproofs, despite your best efforts to thwart it.I have another 200 catalogues to retrieve tomorrow. At this rate, I need to live on a planet with 36 hour days...

I have another 5 orders, all brand new customers. I have a permanent smile. Life is great.