Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Kleeneze Lady Misses 13 Percent Bonus Level - Don't Make This Mistake!

I got my Group Sales Analysis for Period 12 today and I hit my 10% bonus level with ease, as predicted.

Unfortunately, I missed out on my 13% bonus by 200 points and I know exactly what the reason is.

In period 11, I had one week where I mispaid my account by 50p. That, unfortunately, put my account into arrears for 24 hours, after which the cheques I had paid in to the bank 4 days earlier were credited to my account.

The ramifications of not paying that 50p are quite severe.

Firstly, I can't apply for an increase in my credit limit for another two periods, during which time, I have to keep my account payments up-to-date. Right now, as you might imagine, I'm double checking every online payment before I click send.

Secondly, I can't grow the retail side of my business as I would like. To make my 13% bonus level, I need to be selling £400 of products every week. That's not a lot of sales and I should be perfectly capable of doing that part-time.

However, I also have a full-time job in an out-of-town location and paying money in to any bank is a logistical nightmare in a 45 minute lunch-break. I rely on Saturday opening hours for that reason. To make life even more interesting, many of my customers will not answer the door after dark, or on Sundays. Many do not provide me with phone numbers, so it can take a couple of visits before I deliver their orders.

None of this is a major issue, but it does mean that at the moment, I can realistically only submit an order each week for the amount I have credited my account with. In other words, if I've collected £200 of payments by Saturday morning, that is the amount that will be credited to my Kleeneze account. When I place my order on the following Tuesday morning, I can order £200 of goods. If my account is in credit, say by £78, I can place an order for £278 on Tuesday morning.

To place an order for £400 of goods each week, I need £400 in either credit, payments or both. As I still have only the starting credit limit of £500 that all new distributors are provided with, I need to collect in all the payments for orders each week, as well as collecting and delivering catalogues so that I can place orders for the following week. It's an interesting exercise and one that I haven't quite solved to my satisfaction yet.

Essentially, I need to get organised.

It has to be said, I'm delighted to be achieving 10% bonuses with so little effort and I'm determined to hit 13% as soon as I can.

One of my goals is to achieve another bonus level every 3 periods, whilst sustaining the previous bonus level. I'll be posting on It's Not An Attitude about SMART goals soon.