Monday, 29 November 2010

Base Camp - Living in the Foothills of Success

Building a successful business is often likened to climbing a very steep mountain. Both require foresight, advance planning and a continual review of both the goals and the best route to those goals.

My progress with my Kleeneze business is a case in point. Like most people who need an extra income, I had very specific short-term goals, including paying bills, replacing my cooker and fixing up my house and garden. Luckily, I wasn't in the position of having to survive on my retail profits, which meant I could happily invest those profits back into my business and thus generate more sales.

Last month, I got my first certificate of income. As a Kleeneze distributor, you get these once you reach your 10% bonus level; they're a physical reminder of the level you've reached. I've never been so happy to see a picture of a cheque in my life!

This month, I consolidated my position and hit my 10% level in the third week. From now on, it's my target to achieve the 10% level by no later than the third week in every period.

Running my Kleeneze business is remarkably simple; it just requires a little discipline at times. I know there are cars and holidays as major incentives, but for me, a regular incentive is to improve on last month's Kleeneze bonus cheque.

If you would like to join my team, or want more information about Kleeneze as a business opportunity, enter your details on my Kleeneze page and I'll get in touch as soon as possible.