Sunday, 1 January 2012

90-Day Plan - Day 1: The Activity Hokey-Cokey

That's me*, completely out of step with what I'm supposed to be doing, but loving it anyway.

Of course, it's not really me, it's a stock clipart. This is me (right hand side at the start, in the middle):

Yes, I'm a morris dancer :-)

I'm not dancing much at the moment; I've chosen to concentrate on the 90-day plan instead.

Which, of course, is not going quite according to plan at the moment. Today was my day for putting new books out, which hasn't happened because I'm dancing attendance on those in the family who aren't feeling very well. To be fair, there's more flu symptoms than hangover symptoms, but, yet again, my plans take a back seat to everybody and everything else.

So my to-do list is a big one and I've lost the opportunity to blanket drop 200 catalogues.

Having said that, I've cleared a backlog of emails and I'm sorting out my study/music room/general dumping ground to free up some space for bagging catalogues and orders, so today hasn't been a complete wash-out.

What am I proud of today?

I worked on something to do with my Kleeneze business, despite the temptation to put off the start of my 90-day plan for another day.

What can I improve on, tomorrow?

I can stop messing around and concentrate on working my plan. Plus, I can set boundaries with my family, so they realise I am actually serious about making this plan work.

Does anybody else get side-tracked this early and easily or is it just me?

Happy New Year, everybody!