Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Kleeneze Lady Hurt by Blanket Dropping

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction - Isaac Newton

I learnt that at school, 35 years ago. I learnt it again last week.

Kleeneze are currently running a number of distributor challenges, all designed to improve distributors' sales and maximise product movement. That's exactly what you'd expect from an ambitious and dynamic company that wants the best for both its shareholders and its distributors.

The net effect in the local area I am trying to build a reputation in has been negative, unfortunately.

Due to many distributors trying to get 4 weeks' worth of sales done in 2 - 3 weeks, I have spent the past two weeks being told by regular customers that:

1. They've already ordered something off Tina/Ian/Alastair/Chris/Melissa a couple of days previously
2. They're sick and tired of receiving catalogues this week and can I please not leave any more.

I have 3 hours per evening to do my best; this month I appear to be competing against at least 3 full-time distributors who are blanket dropping a couple of thousand catalogues per week. Last week we all converged on the same dozen streets. My sales plummeted.

So I should be totally downhearted and ready to give in, right?


My sales were 50% of my targets, based on previous retail spend in this area. I still received orders for over £200. That's a minimum retail profit of £40 for this week and I'm only £180 away from my 10% bonus with 2 weeks to go.

I will keep finding customers, I will retain them through good customer service and referrals and, when others in my area give up, I will still be there.

Which leads me to the title of today's piece and it has nothing to do with my sales targets. The hatchback hinges on my venerable Volvo are no longer interested in keeping the boot lid up as I load catalogues into the back of the car. Residents in a very snowy sidestreet were treated to the entertaining sight of "Car eats Distributor" as the lid descended. I now have a nasty bruise near my lower spine - anybody got the phone number of a decent mechanic?